Managing your enterprise applications and technology in today’s environment can be challenging. Changing business dynamics mean on-going enhancements, new applications to support strategic initiatives and round-the-clock support. Add to it the ongoing challenges of keeping pace with technology and ensuring an adequate supply of human resources with the right skills when you need them.

Microeon provides experienced consultants who apply best practices and proven methods to lead your organization through the required changes to manage, build, and implement powerful business driven solutions. We offer a flexible approach, enabling you to select the scope of services that are right for your business. Microeon offers a full suite of business, technology and application management consulting services to assist in your e-business transformation. From single development resource needs to staffing entire project teams, our unique client-centric approach makes Microeon an essential resource in delivering or supporting key technology initiatives on both local and national levels.

Microeon is excel for the following services:

Implementation services
Upgrade services
Integration and customization services
Functional and technical support services

We have expertise for the following technologies.

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