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What to do if...

  1. I forgot my acount password or it has expired?
    • If you have a user profile set up go to the Password Reset Manager and follow the instructions.
    • If you do not have a user profile call the Help Desk. The personnel at the Help Desk will assist you with setting up a user profile so you can reset your password.
  2. I need Microsoft Employee Area training, or an Employee Area Access Request Form?
  3. I cannot see my employement detail or Time entry screens?
    • Once an employee is hired, he/she is automatically placed in a dynamic group that is attached to the time and labor representative role for that department. If the employee is not shown, the employee may be in the wrong dynamic group or certifying department. If you are a new hire, please wait for atlest 24hrs to compleet your new hire record in system. You can always check status from Human Resources Office.
  4. I cannot view my paycheck?
  5. My question is not listed?
    • Please email your question/concern to help@microeon.com, we value your feedback.